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Omega-3 Index: a key biomarker

 “The medical profession should be made aware of the role fatty acid absorption has on blood cells and tissue enrichment in relation to the Omega-3 Index. Blood cell measurement of EPA and DHA correlates very well with cardiovascular disease, but given the extensive number of applications fatty acids have, index-testing for other conditions could be equally useful.”

Prof. Philip Calder
Professor of Nutritional Immunology within Medicine University of Southampton

Omega-3 Index tests your cardiovascular health

The Omega-3 Index is defined as the total concentration of EPA and DHA fatty acids in red blood cells, expressed as a percentage of total fatty acid content. It has been recognised since 2011 as a key biomarker for tracking global cardiovascular health and is used to indicate mortality risk by country. Despite being supported by robust scientific research, the omega-3 index in many parts of the world, including countries in Asia Pacific, remains low at less than 6%1. An index greater than 8% is regarded as optimal, with strong correlation to lower cardiovascular risk.

Is your Omega-3 Index at an optimal level?

Test your Omega-3 Index

The Omega-3 Index test kit is a simple an accurate test to measure the Omega-3 Index.

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