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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there clinical proof for Accelon™ technology’s 4X Absorption?


Yes. In clinical studies of Omega-3 supplements with Accelon™ technology, EPA & DHA combined has been proven to be absorbed more than 4 times compared to the same Omega-3 supplement without Accelon™ technology. The clinical studies were performed with Omega-3 supplements taken in the morning without food. Click here to download our publication of clinical results in Lipids in Health and Disease.

Q: Will I still get benefits if I take Omega-3 with Accelon™ together with food?


Yes, it will still provide increased absorption of EPA & DHA combined compared with the same omega-3 supplement without Accelon™ technology. The additional effect is relatively smaller since the body’s own digestion-absorption system is also activated. In a clinical study, the Accelon™ technology improved the absorption of omega-3 by 35% when given together with a fat-containing meal.

Q: What is the Accelon™ technology’s interaction with the gut?


None. the emulsifiers in Accelon™ pass straight through the gastrointestinal system. They are not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The time it takes for food to transit the digestive system varies between individuals and by the type and amount of food consumed. The total transit time from ingestion to egestion can therefore take from 6 hours to 2 days.

Omega-3 with Accelon™ technology does not directly interact with the gastrointestinal system. Accelon™ technology ensures all omega-3 microdroplets are covered with emulsifiers. These are subsequently solubilized in the stomach and then more effectively absorbed.

Q: Why is absorption more important than potency in Omega 3 supplements?


More intake doesn’t mean more uptake. The majority of consumers take Omega-3 supplements during their morning routine; however, many people regularly skip or delay breakfast, or don’t consume breakfast foods ideal for optimal absorption of Omega-3 into the body.
This means existing Omega-3 supplements, no matter how strong or potent, tend to absorb less efficiently and therefore provide fewer benefits when consumed.

Q: How does Accelon™ technology impact the amount of Omega-3 to take?


Omega-3 with Accelon™ shouldn’t change the amount of Omega-3 you take though it will improve the amount of benefit you experience. A full portion of food with a high fat content is required to ensure optimum absorption of Omega-3 into the body. If a regular Omega-3 supplement is taken on an empty stomach or with only a small amount of food the release of bile salts is not fully triggered, which results in larger drops of fat that cannot be digested effectively or that are only partly absorbed. In this case the remaining Omega-3 are then transported down the gastrointestinal tract and egested together with faeces. 
Accelon™ supports or replaces the function of the bile salts in digesting the fats of the Omega-3 supplement.

Q: Will Accelon™ technology work anytime of day?


Yes, Accelon™ technology works independently of the time Omega-3 supplements with Accelon™ are taken.