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Accelon™ is the Omega-3 ingredient brand setting the global standard for superior Omega-3 absorption.
The science behind the brand is a breakthrough Omega-3 absorption accelerating technology; the world’s first clinically proven to increase absorption of EPA and DHA at a cellular level. 

Accelon™ provides a minimum of 4X Omega-3 absorption compared to market-leading high concentrate Omega-3 supplements. 

That means Accelon™​ accelerates Omega-3 absorption, so you get more Omega-3 to where it’s needed.

On entering the stomach, Accelon™ uniquely causes Omega-3 to disperse rapidly in a micro-emulsion that passes into the intestine. Inside the intestinal lumen, the micro-droplets’ more accessible surface allow highly effective digestion and release high amounts of EPA and DHA in free fatty acid form. Significantly more EPA and DHA can now diffuse and be absorbed through the mucosal cells layer and subsequently released into the body’s circulation.

Independent clinical trials have shown that Accelon™ delivers a minimum of 4X better absorption of Omega-3 on an empty stomach in comparison to other market-leading high concentrate Omega-3 products, which means a higher delivery of EPA and DHA to cells throughout the body. Typically, people take Omega-3 supplements with food, so this requirement is no longer needed, making compliance easy and convenient. Even if taken with food, Accelon™ absorption is still more than 30% greater than with other Omega-3s.

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