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Pioneering the world’s most effective and proven Omega-3s in Norway since 1838

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About us

BASF’s Omega-3 business was created following the BASF acquisition of Norwegian company ProNova BioPharma in 2013. We are a global leader in pharmaceutical, nutrition and medical foods Omega-3 categories and have been pioneering Omega-3 technology in Norway since 1838.

Our mission is to enable people to live stronger and longer by exclusive dedication to developing the world's most effective and proven Omega-3 solutions.

In the last five years, BASF has established a dedicated team and set of capabilities with the objective of combining leading science and consumer insight to commercialize breakthrough Omega-3 technology for the dietary supplement category.


Øyvind Ihle

Head of Omega-3 Nutrition


Chris Howell

Marketing Omega-3 Nutrition



Per-Olof Larsson

Scientific Affairs Omega-3 Nutrition


Ove Wikstrom

Business Development Omega-3 Nutrition - Europe




Abhijit Natu

Business Development Omega-3 Nutrition - North America



Candy Zhuang

Business Development Omega-3 Nutrition - Asia




Tatiana Rusev

Business Development Omega-3 Nutrition - Latin America


Connect with us

Interested to learn more about Accelon™ and our other Omega-3 innovations? 
Our team travel regularly to meet customers, attend conferences and trade shows and would be delighted to meet you in person. 

We also collaborate on projects with brand and R&D teams, researchers, health care professionals and key opinion leaders in the quest for future Omega-3 innovations. If you share our passion for Omega-3, have an idea and want to discuss further, please get in touch. 

Contact: Øyvind Ihle, Head of Global Omega-3 Nutrition to start a conversation or plan a meeting.